Where To Camp In South Africa

Considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, South Africa is packed with things to do and sights to see. One of the more popular ways of spending time in the country is by visiting – and camping – in one of the many national parks and private reserves that can be found dotted around the provinces.

Thanks to the abundant wildlife and the focus on providing a unique outdoor experience, South Africa boasts an incredible selection of various campsites to choose from. Here we will look at some of the very best camping spots in the country.

Cape Vidal Campsite

Cape Vidal is known far and wide for its one-of-a-kind scenery, offering visitors a chance to escape from the city and enjoy some time in the wild. Perhaps the best way to enjoy the outdoors within Cape Vidal is by staying at the Cape Vidal Campsite, which can be found hidden in a dune forest that’s next to a seemingly endless beach.

It’s the perfect combination of African bush mixed with pristine coastline, where campers can see large animals grazing in the vegetation as well as a variety of marine life. This also makes it a great destination for those that love to fish, as it offers some of the best fishing spots in South Africa.

Yellowwood Forest Campsite

Set on the banks of the amazing Inchara River, this campsite is set just under two kilometres from Morgan’s Bay, which is known as the gateway to the world-famous Wild Coast. Yellowwood Forest Campsite is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the incredible birdlife and other nature the roams the area.

It’s also possible to take a dip in the river, or to take a walk down to the beach and enjoy the uniquely South African sunsets or spend the afternoon having a late lunch in the tea garden.

Kromrivier Campsite

This campsite is part of a working farm that sits alongside the Cedarburg Wilderness Area, and provides a great opportunity to enjoy some true serenity in the Western Cape province. Along with the mountain ranges, visitors can also expect to see a variety of farm animals on the farm, a wide range of birdlife, and plenty to keep busy with throughout the day, including taking a swim in the clean mountain streams.

For the adventurous, it might be worth spending the day riding on horseback through the veld, or even rock climbing up some nearby cliffs, or even just sitting somewhere comfortable and enjoying https://canadiancasinoonline.org. It’s a great destination for the entire family, and even has a local restaurant shop to stock up on supplies.

Ilanga Resort

Banana Beach, situated in the wild province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, is set against the warm Indian Ocean, and many consider it just about the best ocean in the world to swim in. It remains a fairly wild area, and shark nets along with lifeguards ensure that anyone swimming don’t come to any trouble. It’s also well-known as a great surfing spot, and Ilanga resort itself is packed with various, entertaining activities, including darts, pool, table tennis, and much more.