World Class South African Restaurants

If you didn’t already know, South Africa boasts some of the finest eating venues in the world. In fact, it has 12 that rank among the top 1000, according to La Liste. But even beyond that particular list, there are many that have made waves globally, with a little known venue called Wolfgat, located in Paternoster, scooping Restaurant of the year in 2019.

It was a move that flabbergasted many, given that Wolfgat was not even a blip on the radar prior to the announcement. But this just goes to show that South African restaurants are not to be underestimated.

Here are a few of the eating venues in South Africa that are rated amongst the best in the world.

The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen, located in Cape Town, is widely known for being extremely experimental. For the most part, your average restaurant goer may be somewhat confused, given that dishes often arrive with just a few odd items on a plate. But a gourmet will know that looks are deceiving. Every dish at The Test Kitchen is created by world class chefs as a taste sensation. Which is to say; quality over quantity is the name of the game.

Take a look at The Test Kitchen menu, and stare in awe at the list of unusual items, many of which most have probably never heard of. That is what makes this an eating venue that stands apart.

La Colombe

Also located in Cape Town, La Colombe offers a range of foods that combine the best of French, and African cuisine. Needless to say, the result is globally recognised as being amazing. Though, perhaps one of the most stunning aspects of La Colombe is its food presentation, which is nothing short of masterful. Dishes are served in a manner that can best be described as artistic, complete with freshly cut plant shoots, beds of pebbles, and other such delightful surprises.

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We already mentioned it, but it is worth mentioning again. What made this a restaurant that was ranked the best in the world? Simply put; Wolfgat focuses 100% on offering the best possible food, while not delving into the pretentious atmosphere of some other venues. The menu, which consists mostly of top class seafood, is indeed some of the best in the world. Each dish is prepared, presented, and tastes as good as anything in a 5 star establishment.

But the venue itself is as humble as could be asked for. Though, humble does not mean unappealing. The atmosphere at Wolfgat can best be described as quant, leaning towards rugged. The tables and chairs are comfortable enough, and the surrounding seaside area pleasant to look at. But don’t expect velvet napkins, and certainly don’t expect a live piano player. At Wolfgat, the food is first, but you certainly won’t be upset about the stunning seaside view either. At least, you won’t if you believe fine dining is about the food.