Places To See On The False Bay Coast

Cape Town is the jewel in South Africa’s tourism crown, with its pristine beaches, sumptuous Winelands and other tourist attractions. Many tourists stick around the Atlantic Seaboard when they visit the Mother City but those who do miss out on a whole other aspect that Cape Town has to offer – the False Bay Coast.

The Start Of The False Bay Mile

A stone’s throw away from Cape Town suburbia, the route down to Cape Point starts in Muizenberg. Known among locals as one of the windiest spots in Cape Town, this area of the False Bay mile is popular with surfers who rate the vast beach as one of the prime surfing spots. As the water is warmer here than in places such as Green Point and Sea Point, surfers much prefer this.

A Train Journey To Remember

A railway, which stretches from the CBD, lines the seafront and something else that is worthwhile doing is catching the train from Muizenberg down to Simons Town to appreciate the beauty of the ocean. Sometimes, there is an old-school steam train which runs along this coastal route and passengers can enjoy packed lunches while watching the waves.

The Muizenberg To St James Walk

If you feel that you need to stretch your legs, there is a beautiful walk that takes you from Muizenberg to St James, which is the next town along. (Although technically, they are just suburbs of Cape Town, we call them towns as they have their own, unique character that qualifies them – in our minds – as towns.) The walk is one level down from the road and takes you right next to the ocean. happen too often.)

A Treasure Trove in Kalk Bay

By far one of the highlights along the False Bay Mile is definitely Kalk Bay. It is a mecca for fishermen to sell what they’ve caught for the day and has developed quite an eclectic feel, welcoming all walks of life.

Besides its thriving fishing community, Kalk Bay is known for its antique shops. From furniture to books and jewellery, you’re sure to find something unique in these rows of shops. Interspersed with the antique trade, entrepreneurs have decided to open their own boutiques.

The Heart And Soul Of False Bay

As one of the homes of the South African Navy, Simons Town is steeped in history as it was the site of the first naval base which was established by the Dutch East India Company – in South Africa – in the 1700s. As you drive into town, there is a museum at which you can learn all about the history of Simons Town.

A famous inhabitant of Simons Town was Just Nuisance who was the only dog ever to have been enlisted in the Royal Navy. He is paid homage to with a bronze statue in Jubilee Square which is the middle of Simons Town.

So next time you visit Cape Town, make sure that you take a drive down to False Bay. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!