The Best Beaches On The African Continent

There is nothing quite like sitting back with a cold drink on one of Africa’s many gorgeous beaches. From the harsh sun of Morocco to the wind-swept shores of Cape Town, Africa boasts some of the very best beaches in the world.

Those looking to travel the continent and visit some truly spectacular shorelines along the way, these are the very best beaches that Africa has to offer, and are all worth a visit.

Bojo Beach – Ghana

A tiny beach that provides the feeling of being on an island is more than 20 kilometres south of Accra. It’s cooler than its neighbour, Kokrobite Beach, and to get there, you have to cross the Densu River from the continent.

Bojo Beach is on a man-made sandbank with on one hand freshwater and the other hand salty water. You have to pay an entry charge (about R30), but it’s the kind of beach that you can explore throughout the day. The artificial island is renowned for the fusion of Ghanaian and Caribbean cultures; there are cottages scattered along the beach and music in accordance with the atmosphere of the island.

Asilah – Morocco

Asilah’s beauty in Morocco has more than a few excellent explanations: it has been defined as an’ under-the-radar’ location and also has secure coasts for swimming and surfing. Once a Spanish land, the fishing town also has a natural harbour.

Paradise Beach is said to be Asilah’s finest and in real North African manner you can drive a bike along the coast. Getting to this beach isn’t simple because at the end of a long dirt road ends in a bay, but it might be worth fleeing the crowds for some peace with nature or even a simple game of Australian online pokies. You can reach the beach on a horse and cart if you have forgotten your 4 premises.

Chindini Beach – Comoros

The third lowest nation in Africa has some nice swimming shorelines to take a dip nearly anywhere. Chindini beach is located at the northern end of Grande Comore or Ngazidja (as it is called in Swahili).

It lies at the edge of a big basin and is characterized as one of the finest beaches of Grande Comore. The black lava that contrasts sharply with the white sand comes from the active volcano Mount Karthala. It’s 35 kilometres from Moroni, Comoros ‘ capital.

It is also a place for snorkelling and scuba diving. On the outskirts of the Comoros volcanic islands, there are seagrass beds, mangroves and coral reefs making it the ideal spot for your water trips.

Goree Island – Senegal

Goree Island is three kilometres off Dakar’s shore. This island, 900 meters long, 300 meters wide, is a piece of history and is believed to have been one of the primary slave trade centres in the Atlantic. The island’s House of Slaves is a monument and museum, while Goree is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The beach is small and a jetty encircled by gentle waves is secure for children to jump into the water from. It is also said that the protected bay is an excellent swimming place.