5 Museums In Africa Worth Visiting

Africa is a land like no other: overflowing with culture, history, food, entertainment, and so much more, there are very few other continents that can quite contend with the vibrant multiculturalism that Africa has to offer. Those who find themselves travelling through the continent may want to take the time to see some of the best museums on offer.

These are museums that not only capture the spirit of Africa, but also much of the trials and tribulations the people of Africa have endured over the years. Visiting these venues can leave a powerful impression on anyone looking to learn more about the continent’s long and colourful history.

1. Egyptian Museum. Egypt

Egypt is the birthplace of one of history’s most successful civilisations: the Ancient Egyptians. These were people a thousand years ahead of their time, and they left behind a massive treasure trove of history and culture. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the world’s best libraries of knowledge pertaining the Ancient Egyptians and how they lived almost 5000 years ago, and it’s not to be missed for anyone venturing through the country’s capital.

2. Nairobi National Museum, Kenya

Kenya is a land of endless history and culture, and their national museum has done an incredible job of documenting as much of it as possible. They’ve placed great focus on four main aspects: contemporary art, nature, history, and culture, and is home to a large range of ethnographic artefacts that date back thousands of years. These include tools, clothing, furniture, weapons, and much more. The museum was first opened in 1910, and has retained its excellence to this day.

3. Red Castle Museum, Libya

Named after the building in which it’s situated, the Red Castle Museum contains a must-see collection of Libya’s history, dating back 5000 thousand years. Established in 1919, the museum offers a tour through the castle itself, which has been split into different wings, each with its own exhibit. It’s a must-see when visiting the city and you’re not busy enjoying the sports betting NZ has to offer.

4. Iziko Museums, South Africa

The Iziko Museums are a series of museums that can be found around the city centre of Cape Town. These include Slave Lodge, Groot Constantia Manor House, the Bo-Kaap Museum, Koopmans-De Wet House, Maritime Centre, The Planetarium, Rust en Vreugd, SAS Somerset, Social History Centre, South African National Gallery, Betram House, The Castle of Good Hope, and more. Each offers a unique look on the different perspectives of history within the area; the natives that originally existed before the Dutch arrived, and how the Dutch formed colonies on the coast, plus much more.

5. Apartheid Museum, South Africa

For anyone interested in learning about the Apartheid era and how it affected the people of South Africa, this museum, first opened in 2001, offers a deep insight into the darkest chapter of the country. Located in Johannesburg, it’s worth checking out, and stands as a reminder to never repeat the mistakes of the past.